What are all the areas men should pay attention to for grooming?

man grooming

What does your girlfriend, wife, mother or sister say about your grooming? Do they always remind you to trim your hair, nails or ask you to change your deodorant or cologne? Most men forget basics of personal grooming such as brushing teeth or washing the face. Proper grooming is not easy mainly for men; however, to make things easy, you can prepare a grooming list starting from the basics to the least. What are all the areas men should pay attention to for grooming? This article will discuss the areas;

The haircut is the first to pay attention; the hair covers every human for the most of the body parts. Men are generally hairy than ladies. The areas that should get attention include nose hair; most men ignore the sprouting nasal bushy forest, it is a problem associated with people of over 30 years. Buy a nose air trimmer.

The nails; take a look at your fingernails are they clean or dirty? Fingernails are visible, it is disgusting to a woman to see a man with dirty nails, and it can break a deal. Clip your cuticles at least once a week and file your nails for ultimate finishing touch.

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Cut the eyebrows; sometimes the eyebrows can grow beyond expectation, it makes a man look funny ‘like a gorilla’ use small scissors or tweezers to trim them. Use a method that suits you.

Clean your feet; your feet will get callused, use a pumice stone to remove the calluses if you do not do that, it will scratch bed sheets and your bed-mate. Just do this once a month.

Shave your beard; watch for your beards, check for stray hairs that grow in the cheek, if you notice their growth, shave every other day for a clean and natural look. Make sure to oil your beard to give it a proper texture.

Wash your face and body before going to bed; this will help your face to moisturize, this has a lot of health benefits on your skin generally.

Wear sunscreen; your skin will thank you for helping it to prevent the damage caused by UV rays of the sun.

Watch for your scent; invest in classy cologne that is woody and spicy.

Scrub the face; on weekends apply a facial scrubbing product and you will be amazed by the transformation of your skin.

Trim your ear hair; most men ignore the ear hair and it grows to the length of being braided. Do it at least once every month.

Shave your arms and chest hair; chest hair is considered attractive; however, some grow very bush and unattractive, shave it using electric body groomer. If you have hair in your back, you should get assistance to avoid accidents.

Put on clean underwear and fresh clothing; after you wear your underwear wash it with antiseptic and dry out in the sun; this will improve your immune and fight against disease caused by anti-bacterial.

Good grooming tells a lot about the person; it may make someone to mistake you for being very wealthy or the other way round. It will enhance your confidence and self-esteem. Be that man that everyone is talking about his grooming!