Some Moore on Makeup: Expert Advice on How to Get the Most Out of Your Products

Does your make-up slip away from the face after time? If so, read this article for my tips on how to make makeup be good and last for as long as possible.

Use a Cooling Fan

Are you in a hot bathroom to make yourself comfortable? Cool in a fan! It’s so worth it when it’s in place. It becomes much easier to get your makeup to sit on a fresh face than when a face cream is already clinging out and you have sweat pearls on the forehead.


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A primer acts as a double-sided tape that attaches makeup to the skin while providing a smoother surface to work on. There are primers for the face, eyes, and hands. Face primers have different properties from those of the hands

During hot summer days, most people become reddish. Therefore, a matting primer or a yellowish primer that neutralizes redness will be amazing. Use your primer after your skin care routine and before applying makeup.

Let your face cream sink before applying the primer. For the hand, make sure you apply the foundation before wearing your jewelry or smartwatch.

Easy bass

Colored day cream or oil-free foundation are amazing during warmer days or evenings. Colored day cream gives a shiny tone to your face without covering your skin. Oil-free foundations are available as both thin and more varied variants. The foundations usually sit better and are long lasting than oil foundations. However, during warm days, it’s fun to skip the foundation and drive on bare skin.


Image result for fix foundation makeup running pad

Fix your foundation with a running pad and add extra focus to your nose, chin, between your eyebrows and at the top of the forehead. These are the areas where we often get glossy.

When you’re done with your entire makeup, you can use a moisturizer all over your face. It feels fresh and it’s a good idea to sit better throughout the day. Feel free to take a small bottle in your handbag to refresh during the day.

Another clever trick is to use a  blotting paper-matte thin sheet of paper that is pushed over the skin to mat it down without getting a pudding feeling

Keep it simple

When it’s hot, focus on highlighting your eyebrows and eyes and put some gloss on your lips. That will be enough.

To the brow, you can use Skinny Eyebrow Pencil from Brow Gal or Ka-brow eyebrow gel from Benefit Cosmetics. They are both very good and are easy to apply.

Another hot tip is creamy eyebrows. It does not matter if you get glossy on your eyelids and the pen gets a bit smeared. It just gets nicer! However, if you want to make it better, you can take an eye shadow of the same color as the pen or transparent pillows and pat on the top of the pen.

I love bronze products but they can be quite challenging to wear when it’s really hot. Also, do not overdose in, for example, a sweaty forehead. Still, the products are awesome in the evening, especially with a sun spring.