Do guys ever wear makeup on a daily basis?

man putting on makeup

Guys are very different from the girls in a sense that they prefer being more natural and their masculinity keeps them away from makeup. However, over the years it seems that makeup in men is gaining popularity. Every now and then, there is an advertisement, which targets the men for grooming and launches various creams but the idea of using the foundations, lipstick, blush on is never directed to man directly until recently where male vloggers try to display their skills as makeup artists.

Technological advancement has brought numerous changes in the life of a modern man. The world has advanced to such an extent that it has taken the form of a globalized village. A man residing in one specific corner of the world is in direct contact with another man belonging to some other portion of the world. This advancement in the field of information technology has created a sort of pressure where everyone wants to look good. Men in the past era used to wear kohl in their eyes, which can be considered makeup, however; their intention was to keep the evil eye at bay.

A definitive answer to the question that whether guys wear makeup on daily basis require thorough research in the form of a survey where different male participants can be asked whether they do wear makeup daily or not. It is also important to emphasize on the definition of makeup as in what is makeup in a guy’s perspective since there is a possibility that some men might consider being a feminine thing.

makeup tutorials on youtube

Believe it or not, there are a slew of makeup tutorials for men on Youtube

However, modern social media platforms are full of tutorials, which depict that men are doing some sort of makeup. A simple search on the search engine is likely to give varying results. It appears that some man has been hiding they’re under eye circles or applying a little bit of foundation to correct their complexion or look brighter, however, giving a positive and generalized statement for every man out it is not possible without a thorough research.

It is also important to keep in mind that culture plays a vital role in the personal growth, thinking process, and overall personality of a man. A man belonging to the western culture is likely to have a very different mindset in comparison to the man belonging to other cultures of the world.

Final Thoughts

Keeping in view the social media, it appears that makeup is becoming a trend for guys but saying it with surety whether they do makeup on daily basis is not possible without getting a clear picture of their culture and thinking process. The makeup industry tries to bring in new trends but the dominant members of the makeup industry are women. Women have been wearing makeup for a long time and this particular industry is even immune to any sort of Great Depression or anything, which can affect the other industries of the world.